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Why The Planet Loves Mushrooms And You Should Too

9 December 2020

There are so many ways in which mushrooms have a positive impact on our natural environment.  We’re going to tell you why they are so great, why we should be eating a lot more of them and some banging ways to incorporate them into your diet.

Mushrooms Are One Of The Least Demanding Crops Around

They require little space, energy and water to grow. You only need about 2 gallons of water to grow a pound of mushrooms. That may sound like a lot but when you consider a pound of avocados require 141 gallons while asparagus come in at 258 gallons per pound, it’s actually a drop in the ocean. In short, mushrooms are the environment’s best friend. If you are feeling concerned about your water usage, upping your mushroom intake is a good way to start feeling better about it.

Mushrooms Love Waste

Did you know that mushrooms are the recycling champs of the natural world? They are often fertilised using the waste generated from other areas of agriculture, meaning they are reducing food waste before they’ve even fully grown. That’s another easy win for the shroom. Pretty cool right?


Mushrooms Are A Source Of No-Guilt Protein

The protein you can obtain from mushrooms paired with the limited threats to the environment that their growing poses makes incorporating more of them into your diet a no-brainer. All the processes required in the production of soy, beef and chicken have a much greater impact, making them a far bigger threat to the equilibrium of the natural world. By subbing in mushrooms for these other products, or using them alongside meat and soy to bulk out your meals, you can obtain lots of protein at less of an ethical cost. If you sub in some mushrooms instead of meat into a recipe it also reduces the calories and fat content of your meal – a double win.

Let’s Talk Recipes

So there you have it. Not only do mushrooms support the planet, they’re a great source of vitamin B and folic acid. Make small changes in your sustainability journey by eating more mushrooms and your body and the planet will thank you for it. Why not try:

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