Where science and nature go hand in hand

At Monaghan, we're driven by a passion for sharing the incredible benefits of mushrooms with the world. One man's vision has grown to become a diverse team over 3,000 people strong, fully committed to leading the mushroom category. We provide a full range of fresh mushrooms for retail and foodservice customers, supplying many of the world's top grocery retailers.

We’ve grown to become a global leader but we’ve chosen to stay close to our roots. Our Headquarters and Innovation Centre are based right here in the unspoiled countryside of rural County Monaghan in Ireland. Our aim is to create a dynamic centre of excellence where nature and science go hand in hand. That way we can provide a sustainable living for families in the local community and a springboard for fresh young talent to grow.

Our Values

Do the right thing
This is our philosophy and we use it to drive every aspect of our business, from product to process to people. It ensures that we always work to the highest sustainability standards. It drives our people to do their best. It keeps us positive and grounded.

Forward thinking
We think ahead and we think for the long term. There’s a curiosity within us that keeps us digging deeper. We keep the future fixed firmly in our mind, finding new ways to unlock the true potential of mushrooms to help people live healthier lives.

Down to earth
We’re committed to building a strong rapport with everyone we engage with through a mutual respect and understanding. We understand the importance of sharing our discoveries in a straightforward way. We strive to empower those around us because we believe in everyone’s potential to make a lasting impact.

We live and breathe what we do. There’s a passion that runs through every part of our organisation. A fire in our belly that drives us forward, pushing us toward fresh ideas and new discoveries. This journey is just beginning and we want to bring everyone with us - our people, our partners and our consumers.

Monaghan has always been grounded in the belief that everyone is equal. That everyone deserves an equal chance to speak and be heard, to share ideas and make an impact. This belief has allowed us to build a business where all of our people can grow and flourish.

We grow a full range of fresh mushrooms for both retail and foodservice customers. Our customer base is always expanding and we now operate across Europe and North America, serving some of the largest retailers in the world. We work with our customers to develop packaging solutions that work for them.

Mushrooms are one of nature’s most perfect sources of nutrition

We also sell and market two of our own mushroom brands across Ireland, the UK and Canada. Learn more about the BELLE GROVE® and FORESTIERE® brands below.

Our Brands

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