‘Mushrooming’ the future of Mushrooms for Immunity: People and Planet

By The UK and Ireland Mushroom Producers

New report reveals the top 5 ways mushrooms will play a role in protecting our immunity in 2026:

  • Human and immunity: from the ancient use of mushrooms as medicines to immune-boosting everyday mushrooms converting light into vitamin D, an essential factor in our immune health.
  • Food for immunity: how we will be ingesting mushroom’s vital nutrients, from supplements and burgers to drinks. Low in calories, high in nutritional value and considered to be brain boosters.
  • Vitamin D: how vitamin D enhances our adaptive immunity and function, and a three-year study currently underway to explore the health benefits of Vitamin D in mushrooms.
  • Planetary partners: vertically farmed in forgotten urban spaces, to plastic munching, how mushrooms are leading the smart farming revolution, secretly saving the health of our planet.
  • Furniture to Martian mycelium: how mushrooms are being used to make furniture, coffins and to create habitats on lunar missions; mycelium - the compostable material that knows no bounds.

As human consumption of mushrooms hits record growth 24% YOY[1] The UK and Ireland Mushroom Producers is unveiling ‘Mushrooming’ the future of Mushrooms for Immunity: People and Planet. It reveals what we know as mushrooms today, is just a small part of these incredible organisms, working behind the scenes, performing invaluable tasks to humans and our planet.

The new report sets out the ancient history of the mushroom to recent discoveries during COVID-19 times of the amazing benefits of this powerful force of nature and how they have a role to play in delivering immunity for people and the planet. This includes five predictions for how vitamin D-rich mushrooms will be used for the immunity of humans, to help save the planet, and how human mushroom consumption could look in as little as five years.


Download the full report here »     (16.5Mb PDF)


[1] Kantar, FMCG panel, Grocery, 4we 21st February 2021

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