Meat Alternatives

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We're a family mushroom growing business full of passionate foodies and we're on a mission to show the world the amazing potential and benefits of the humble mushroom.

Packed with up to 85% mushrooms, all grown on our own farms, our Mighty Mince, Burgers & Sausages have got it all. Standing out amongst the countless soya-based vegan alternatives, Mighty Mushroom Co. products all have a proper meat-like taste and texture! Not to mention they’re also super nutritious and planet friendly.

Meat Free Burgers

Our plant-based range of burgers are packed with up to 85% mushrooms, all of which have been grown on our own farms in Ireland.

Meat Free Burger

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Meat Free Mince

The range also includes Mighty Mushroom Meat-Free Mince which contains 85% juicy mushrooms and is flavoured with absolutely no artificial colourings, flavourings or preservatives.

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A source of fibre and high in key vitamins and minerals, shoppers can expect a flavour explosion in every bite and each serving contains less than 150 calories per portion.

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Mushrooms, an important part of your diet…

Mushrooms are one of nature’s most perfect sources of nutrition. Grown from the earth, with nothing added and nothing wasted, each mushroom is packed full of health-boosting vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.


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