Albena Gencheva

Harvesting Development Manager

Location: Whitley Site, England

When did you start with Monaghan?

I started at Monaghan in April 2009.

What other jobs have you done with Monaghan?

That’s a good question! Now thinking about it my answer would be… anything and everything in the Harvesting Department.

I started as a mushroom harvester in Fenton Barns, Scotland. I liked it and I couldn’t stop. After year and a half the company gave me the opportunity to develop myself by promoting me to Product Coordinator, dealing with 150t a week. I was so passionate about this position and the time was going so quickly that it didn’t feel like a year later when I was promoted as Harvesting Trainer, working very close to Training and Development. There I met exceptional people, developing my personality, qualities and commitment to my job. My biggest challenge came when I was promoted to be a Harvesting Development Manager at the Whitley Site. This was was not only my new role in the company, but my new home.

What do you like best about working at Monaghan?

The fact that the company give an equal chance to different calibres of people to develop their personalities and career. It is not about nationality, sex, religion, age or colour of skin, but the person and personality. The employee engagement is spectacular. Based on my personal experience, as well as knowing that every single effort is appreciated by my manager, encourages me to be even more committed and in love with my job.

What’s been your best experience at Monaghan?

Hmm… where to start from… here at Monaghan everyday there are such moments that could be called “best experience". Every day can be exceptional.

One day that I will never forget was at Fenton Barns, in Scotland.

It was a cold day, and it seemed like a fairytale – white and pure as the there had been heavy snow. The snow stretched over the entire farm – walkways, yards, offices, and even the packing department were not recognisable and everything faded into the horizon. Despite all the obstacles, I managed to get to my mushroom house, which I had to prepare for my new starts. My position at that point was Harvesting Trainer. When I opened the door I couldn’t believe what I saw. Wow. The 5 metre high house had collapsed, literally, laying on the top shelves. This I couldn’t believe.

Maybe I was standing so quietly for a few minutes, and only heard feedback from all the staff: “what happened…. see…. houses have collapsed.” Panic had set in. Everyone was wondering and did not know what to do. But the instant action of our General Manager John Clelland calmed down the heated situation. If you could stand and watch from the sidelines you’d see how he rallied us all, giving us guidance. And although 18 of the 48 houses had collapsed, the very difficult road conditions, the cold weather and all the other challenges, we succeeded in stabilising the situation, to fulfil all sales and send all trucks. For the first time I understood what it means by working in a team and the satisfaction of a job well done and the opportunity to work with these people.

What advice would you give to anyone thinking about joining Monaghan?

An invaluable place not only for work and income, but also for new friendships and professional/personal development. If you are motivated, ambitious, committed and full of desire then this is the right place for you.

This is me in the Ccmpany:

TRUST the people I work for;

Have PRIDE in what I do;

ENJOY the people I work with.


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