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Mushrooms… an underrated ingredient

20 November 2020

To us, mushrooms are a very underrated ingredient, not only are they tasty and offer so much depth of flavour but they also are sustainable! Just 80g of them count as 1 of your 5 a day and are rich in B vitamins.

Mushrooms are often wasted because many people just don’t know how to cook with them! We have partnered with @JustAddMushrooms and @MOBkitchen to showcase how you can cook new and flavourful recipes.

As a food that has a lower carbon footprint than many other crops we like to use them as often as we can in our cooking. Mushrooms are zero waste in itself as the whole thing is edible and have high standards of quality and traceability – something that is very important to us in our food choices!

We used @Mobkitchen’s recipe to make their Vegan Katsu Curry Burger using portobello mushrooms.

This wonderful dish is complete with crunchy fried portobello mushrooms, a tangy slaw and a katsu curry sauce – what more could you want in a bun?! We got our ingredients all low waste and of course it is all plant based!

We are proud to be partnering with @JustAddMushrooms to promote recipes using mushrooms to help combat food waste!


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