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Did you know there are a variety of micronutrients important for supporting a healthy immune system that are found in mushrooms? Here are a few:

Naturally Enhanced Mushrooms


Vitamin D

Vitamin D has been proclaimed as a miracle panacea connected to everything from reducing the risk of cold and flu to prevention of cancer.

The most recent national survey found that up to one in four people were deficient in the essential vitamin, thanks to a combination of low dietary intake and inadequate sun exposure.

And now vitamin D deficiency has been linked to Covid-19.

So, how do we get adequate amounts of vitamin D? Sunlight exposure is our primary source, but as we spend more time indoors during the autumn and winter months, we need to seek alternative options.

Health experts are now urging the public to consume more mushrooms to achieve their vit hit.

High in fibre and containing virtually no fat, sugar, or salt, mushrooms are known as nature’s ‘sunny sponges’, having the unique ability to increase vitamin D amounts when exposed to UV-light or sunlight, thanks to the fungi containing a specific compound called ergosterol.

All mushrooms are inherently nutritious and contain provitamin D. However, something quite magical happens when mushrooms are exposed to UV light. A photochemical reaction occurs, which converts the provitamin into vitamin D, which is key to maintaining a healthy immune system. In fact, we humans are surprisingly like mushrooms, we both absorb vitamin D in UV light, or sunlight!

Mushrooms are the only non-meat source of vitamin D. Eating just four vitamin D enriched mushrooms a day would give you your daily recommended amount (FSAI).

Whilst enriched mushrooms will naturally come with a greater vitamin D content, you can easily add a natural dose to regular British or Irish mushrooms by simply placing them on a windowsill when the sun is at its strongest.

Our mushrooms are available 365 days a year in UK and Irish supermarkets. Shopping the freshest, locally sourced mushrooms ensures you consume mushrooms with the highest nutritional value.

To find out just how magical mushrooms really are, visit

Based on closed cup mushroom size (50mm), 4 mushrooms will provide 100% vitamin D RDA.

Vitamin B

Mushrooms. So many B vitamins, they could make a tomato blush! Mushrooms aren’t just tasty, you know. They’re really good for you. They’re a natural source of vitamins B2, B3 and B5, which help you build a stronger immune system. As well as Folic Acid B vitamins play a crucial role in maintain good health and well-being and help reduce tiredness and fatigue. They also contribute to the maintenance of normal skin. And as they’re low in fat, low in calories and just 80g counts as a quick way to one of your five-a-day, they’re the ideal filler-upper.

Vitamin B12 Mushrooms

Vitamin B12, which is derived from mushrooms, plays a crucial role in brain health, red blood cell formation, normal function of the nervous system, and regulation of the immune system. It is also known for fighting fatigue and enhancing energy levels.

B12 is vital for producing properly functioning red blood cells. Mushrooms, meat, fish and eggs have high concentrations of B12.

Our vitamin B12 enhanced mushrooms helps fight fatigue and enhances energy levels.

Signs you’re low on vitamin B12

  • Weakness or fatigue
  • Pale or jaundiced skin
  • Mouth ulcers
  • Mood changes
  • Sensations of pins and needles
  • Breathlessness and dizziness
  • Blurred vision

Vitamin B6

  • Mushrooms are a good source of vitamin B6
  • Vitamin B6 plays an important role in immune function and is needed for more than 100 enzyme reactions involved in metabolism
  • Helps convert food into usable energy and assists in the formation of neurotransmitters, red blood cells, proteins and DNA

Key benefits of vitamin B6

Our vitamin B6 mind health mushrooms will provide 30% of your daily reference intake for vitamin B6 in a single serving (100g).

Perfecting the process

Mushrooms naturally contain low levels of vitamin B6. Through Monaghan’s unique and natural process, vitamin B6 levels in mushrooms can be increased to provide a “high in” source of the vitamin.

We ensure our process gives consistent levels of vitamin B6 in our mushrooms and has no impact to all of the other natural goodness in mushrooms (i.e. minerals, vitamins and fibre).


Selenium in mushrooms

Our selenium mushrooms work to improve immune function and mental health.

  • Selenium contributes to the maintenance of normal hair, nail, and to the protection of cells from oxidative stress (anti-oxidant properties)
  • Helps your body make special proteins called antioxidant enzymes that play a role in preventing cell damage
  • Protecting the body from infection and damage caused by free radicals

Mushroom Powder (Dried)

We produce vitamin D enhanced mushroom powder which provides a convenient way to obtain vitamin D from a plant-based source. It is the only non-animal source of vitamin D, suitable for flexitarians, vegetarians and vegans.

Our vitamin D enhanced mushroom powder is suitable for use in tablets, capsules and powder blends as well as foods.

Our current powder has 7,500 IU/g but please contact us about your specific requirements.

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