Nationality Day @ Monaghan

24 June 2022

Our sites are rolling out some great occasions for our Diversity “Celebrating You” initiative.

In line with our approach to Diversity many sites participated in Nationality Day under the CELEBRATING YOU initiative.

The CELEBRATING YOU initiative recognises and celebrates differing identities within the company. Nationality is only one of many ways to celebrate individuality, others include recognition of religion, age, gender, sexual orientation etc

See video below to see how Nationality Day was celebrated.


LGBTQ+ Pride Month takes place every June across the world, in celebration of self-identity, inclusivity and equality.  Pride celebrations are held to celebrate the work of LGBTQ+ people, to raise awareness of issues affecting the LGBTQ+ community and to remember how damaging homophobia was and still can be. As per the company’s Equal Opportunity Policy, Monaghan are committed to the promotion of equal opportunity for all employees and many sites are promoting the local celebrations of Pride.

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