Made with Mushrooms

Vegan Katsu Curry Burger

18 December 2020

Katsu Curry Mushroom Burger. Panko-crusted mushrooms, spicy katsu curry sauce & a generous helping of crunchy slaw in a soft bun – YUM! This is the most delicious vegan burger…Satisfying? Check. More-ish? Check. Flavour explosion? Check!

It’s been great to partner up in this campaign with @justaddmushrooms and @mobkitchen to help reduce food waste. Food waste is something I am passionate about – did you know that 70% of all food waste in the UK takes place in our own homes? This is a crazy statistic, but there are small steps each of us can take to help – such as getting creative in the kitchen with food that would otherwise be thrown away.

Mushrooms are such a versatile ingredient, you can use them for a variety of different meals and there never needs to be any waste, so use up those mushrooms in the back of the fridge. They are a great source of B-vitamins and are naturally low in fat and cholesterol. Just 80g (roughly 1 portobello mushroom) counts as 1 of your five a day! Serve with homemade chips and you’ve got yourself a delicious and satisfying meal.

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