Mushrooms are Magic

Five recipes that you can whip up for next to nothing!

26 November 2020

The One Pound Chef Miguel Barclay has shared five recipes that you can whip up for next to nothing in the kitchen – the perfect way to enjoy a delicious dinner while still saving a few quid!

Many of us are guilty of thinking that cooking on a budget can’t be fun, and we find ourselves returning to the same boring, unhealthy dishes whenever we need to watch the pennies.

But Miguel Barclay, who has become known as the the One Pound Chef, has created hundreds of delicious recipes which cost just £1 each.

He’s passionate about making people realise they can eat well without spending a huge amount at the supermarket, and credits his savings to making everything from scratch and a few simple ingredient swaps.

Speaking to the Mirror, he said: “You can eat a varied diet on a budget and you can make it fun.

“When you’re eating on a budget, you’re forced to cook from scratch. And you find you’re eating healthier.

“All those microwave meals and jars of pre-made sauces are too expensive.

“There are endless new recipes that you can cook, and if you’re not creative and you can’t come up with them yourself, you’ve got people like me.”

Miguel, who has six cookbooks based around £1 meals, has shared five of his new recipes with the Mirror – and we can’t wait to try them.

Many of them contain mushrooms, which he loves to cook with thanks to their flavour and health benefits.

Miguel has been working with UK & Ireland Mushroom Producers, who create naturally enriched vitamin D mushrooms to help people get all the goodness they need.

He explains: “If you’re making spaghetti with mince beef, but you swap it with mushrooms that’s going to be cheaper and healthier.

“Mushrooms are probably my all time favourite ingredient and the base for a lot of the things I cook.

“One of the issues with living in the UK is we don’t get enough sunlight. We need to have vitamin D, it’s really important.

“One handful of these mushrooms will give you all the vitamin D you need in one day.”

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