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Monaghan Mushrooms partners with food charity FareShare UK

8 February 2018

Monaghan Mushrooms has partnered up with FareShare, the UK’s largest food charity that redistributes edible surplus food from the food industry that would otherwise have gone to waste, to charities and community groups – including homeless hostels, lunch clubs for older people and domestic violence refuges. The food in turn is used to make meals and support vulnerable people.

Ciara O’Connor, Marketing Executive at Monaghan Mushrooms says: “We are very proud to be part of the FareShare supply network, donating mushrooms that will be used to provide nutritious meals for those in need throughout the UK. We are delighted that we are able to support the work that FareShare do and play our part in reducing food waste.”

Colin Burcombe, Commercial Manager at FareShare says: “We really value our partnership with Monaghan Mushrooms so that we can make best use of their mushrooms that can’t be sold as intended. Access fresh produce is a key priority for FareShare, as it ensures we are able to send nutritious, healthy food to the thousands of charities and community groups we support across the UK, so they are better able to cook wholesome meals for the vulnerable people they support.”

Through our ongoing partnership we will continue to donate mushrooms throughout 2018 with the goal to help others and reduce food waste.

For more information on FareShare and the work that they do, please visit

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